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hard day at the office

hard day at the office

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Refreshing twist on an interview #lewishamilton #jamescordon

Boyhood Review

I had read a few reviews and heard a few murmurs about the film, with the general out-take being go and see it. Therefore I entered the cinema with much anticipation, especially keen to see how the director had stitched together the footage and how the characters developed over the filming period.  My first observation, woo its a long film - a solid 2.5hrs plus trailers. Secondly, I really enjoyed the stand out performance of Ethan Hawke, his character certainty grew on me. However, I felt the film never got going, even though the storyline was based on the main actors life, the film felt very flat. There was plenty of opportunities for the director to ramp up the highs and lows of emotion of the actor’s life story but this never came, and therefore left me feeling a little cheated. Overall I would recommend a viewing, make sure you are sat comfortable though! A solid 7/10, but we surely be in the hunt for awards given the way it was created.

Now or never! More of our WC work for adidas →

heart says Messi, head says Muller

J-Rod for adidas →

Some of our latest World Cup work

"If you can mix it, you can imagine it"

Alexander Frezza, #mostimaginativebartender 2014
All the Glasto ladies |ELLE UK →

Look out for @ellaeyre at Glasto this year, sure to blow you away